5.2 Sales Management

Sales management includes some set up tasks, reports, receipts etc. This is one of the most important areas where a business user spends time.

Visualise Sales with Charts

Sales can also be visualised as charts which give a quick view of sales information. See one of our chart below.

View Shift Details & Receipts

Shift stats and shift end receipts can be viewed in the BOS

List & Filter Shifts

User can filter for the shift with various different parameters like shift status, dates etc

List & Filter Sales Transactions

User can also filter for sales transactions with various different parameters like transaction type, payment means, dates etc

View & Print Transaction Receipts

Sales transction original & duplicate receipts can be printed / downloaded from the BOS

View Financial Transactions

Financial transactions like paid in/out can be viewed and filtered in the BOS system

List & Filter Receipts

Receipts can be viewed and filtered in the same chronological order as it ws generated by the POS

View & Print Sales Report

Sales report is the reconciliation report used at day end generation. It includes the below:

  1. Fuel Article wise total quantity, amount, discounts

  2. Shop article category wise total quantity, amount, discounts

  3. Tax wise totals

  4. Terminal wise totals

Sales report can be generated for day, month, year or any custom dates

Overpayment voucher management

List of overpayment vouchers that is present in the system can be viewed by status. Issued overpayment vouchers can also be cancelled from the BOS."

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