4.1 Self Checkout Articles Supported

This page describes list of articles supported by SCO. Our self checkout solution [SCO] supports both fuel and shop product sales.

Fuel Sales

SCO allows the sale of fuel products, where a customer has completed the filling and wants to pay indoor.

Normal shop products

SCO allows the sale of normal shop products, where a customer can pick up what he wants & quickly buy it at the SCO.

Age restricted products handling

SCO allows the sale of age restricted products with appropriate verification prompt which calculates the date of birth based on the age defined. The cashier will have a custome ID code which he can use to scan and authenticate such sales.

Special Barcodes - Weight & Price

SCO supports scanning of special barcodes for KG products. These barcodes could contain the price or weight of the product. Based on what the barcode has, the other parameter is auto calculated by the SCO.

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