5.1. Site administration

Under Site administration, the POS can be configured from a technical perspective. For example, it’s possible to add new point of sales and cash drawers, to change receipt variables and technical information like IP addresses. Thus, except for the fast key configuration, this section is only available for technical users.

Manage Fast keys

BOS support the ability to add articles to fast key groups which will be displayed in POS & SCO. This is configurable per location/ station

Manage Fuel Prices

BOS allows modification of fuel prices if the main interface is down for fuel price changes

Location Set Up Via BOS,

New station location can be st up with all location parameters

POS Set Up Via BOS

New POS, OPT's can be set up quickly with necessary IP addresses

Cash Drawer & Accounts Set Up Via BOS

New cash drawers can be created for the location."

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