revver cloud POS Solution

Detailed technical description of the POS functionality.

revver POS – A modern cloud-native POS platform for your gas stations

The revver POS (point of sale) is a proven cloud-native point of sale solution with payment and fuel integration for gas stations. Indoor sales are managed through our Android app for the cashier tablet and the customer screen. Outdoor sales are managed through our outdoor payment terminal platform which is fully integrated with the indoor point of sale but can also be operated standalone.

Our solution not only allows to efficiently sell fuel and dry stock products but also manage all other aspects of a gas station and a convenience store.

  • A forecourt management system to manage fuel points, tanks, fuel prices, and more.

  • A sophisticated discount & promotion engine for manual and automatic discounts.

  • Cash management, control, and audit features built into the core of the system to support the operations of your gas stations.

  • Outdoor payment terminal - For stations where customers can refuel their vehicle, without having to walk in to the store.

  • Advanced self checkout solution - Our self checkout solution allows a customer to buy fuel as well as dry stock products.

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