2.7 Shift Management

This page indicates the shift management features provided by revver POS.

Shift Start & End

Shift start and end can be done by users on POS by providing user ID & PIN. This would immediately create active shifts which can then be used to operate the POS.


Cashier credentials have to be reset the first time being used on the POS. Credentials include a user ID and PIN which can be restet by the cashier's manager if needed.

Cash Declarations

Cashier must declare the cash as well as any tracked products while signing on and off the POS shift. This will be used to calculate theorotical balance & used in cash balancing.

Cashier will also have to assign respective cash drawers being used.

Shift End Report

revver POS provides a detailed shift end report on completion of a shift which can be used for reconciliation and balancing.

Lock & Pause Shift

revver POS provides feature to lock as well as pause a shift if the cashier is on a break or away. This is a very useful function ffor stations with multiple cashiers.

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