2.5 Discounts & Promotions

This sections aims to describe various discounts and promotions supported by revver POS.


Discounts are defined as price discounts provided by the cashier manually on the POS. This could be provided to normal customers or employees.

Manual Item Discount

These are discounts which are provided at a line item level in the basket. Examples could be:

  • 5 cents per liter off for Diesel

  • 10% off for all coffee drinks

Manual Transaction/ Employee Discount

These are discounts which are calculated for the whole basket. Examples could be:

  • 8% off for all employees for beverages.


Promotions are auto applied to the transaction if certain criteria are met.

A few examples can include:

  • Buy One get One Free on Coke

  • Buy 3 packets of Break for 5 CHF

  • Buy 1 Sandwich & 1 Coke & 1 packet of chips for a fixed price of 8 CHF

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