2.2 Drystock Sales

This section covers the list of dry stock sale features supported by revver POS. Drystock sales effectively means shop products i.e. products other than fuel.

Product Entry

Multiple methods of product entry on to POS is supported by revver POS
This includes:
  • Scan a Barcode [Various code formats supported]
  • Scan a QR code
  • Manual entry of product code: Supports number/ code entry to select a product. Ideally used for non scan articles.
  • Search an product by name OR barcode
  • Fast key selection of products: Enables listing products in fast key with images which helps the cashier select and sell products easily.


revver POS supports printing of unique QR codes on to receipts which enables the cashier to quick look up a transactyion by scanning the QR code in the receipt.
Also on demand printing feature is available on the POS, which enables the cashier to print a receipt incl. duplicate copies.

Transaction Repository

POS has the repository section for the cashier to view list of transactions and filter them by date, payment type, transaction type etc. These help the cashier to quickly navigate/ filter and find specific transactions.
POS allows the cashier to park a transaction in case he has to proceed with a fresh transaction. The parked transaction can also be unparked when ready to be paid for.