2.3 Transaction Checkout

This section covers the different transaction checkout possibilities in revver POS
revver POS supports multiple payment methods for completion of a sale. This includes traditional cash payments to the most modern touch/ QR code based payments.

Cash & Foreign Currency

POS display cash & foreign currency with bank note images which helps the user select the right denomination visually. The change is also auto calculated & rounding is applied when needed.


Bank Cards

The card entry includes tap, chip entry, swipe. These include VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Postfinance etc.

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards can be accepted by scan, magstripe entry based on terminal support. Currently this includes SOCAR card, Tamoil card, DKV, UTA etc.

Gift Card

POS supports purchase of articles with gift cards as method of payment.



POS supports acceptance of cashless vouchers [paper & digital]. This includes acceptance of cumulus UCB's, station provided vouchers, over payment vouchers etc.

Configurable Manual Payment Methods

POS supports accepting payments with manual payment means which are configurable. This could include merchant specific paper vouchers.


Scanning of loyalty cards, awardingof points is supported by the Revver POS.