2.1. Fuel Sales & Management

This section covers wetstock in general and on a high level some of the key features covered by revver POS.

Fuel Selection on POS

Fuel pumps, statuses, ongoing and completed fillings are visible on the POS, this helps the cashier to understand the current forecourt status. An indication to the cashier on the pump is provided for each of the pump statuses.
The completed status indication allows the cashier to select the filling on the pump and add the filling to the basket. The filling can also be removed from the basket & added back to the pump if the cashier chooses to do so.

Support for multiple fuel grades

revver POS supports sale of multiple fuel grades, that would be configured in the forecourt device controller. This includes support of traditional fuel products, gas products, new age products like Hydrogen too.
Fuel products with unit as litre as well as Kg are supported in the POS.

Drive Off Management

revver POS supports handling of drive off and debt recognition scenarios. A specific payment method with appropriate handling is present in the system which helps handle the drive off scenarios.

Forecourt Management

Manage Fuel Prices

Fuel prices can be managed also via the POS, where the cashier can add an immediate price change for the fuel grade of his choice. This function is generally used if there was a price change failure from the server & the cashier must change the price immediately.

Change Operation Mode

Forecourt operation mode can be changed based on the business day/ time from the POS. This allows the cashier to switch modes between pre auth mode, post pay mode, mixed mode. These can also be called as day, night mode OR OPT only mode.
Based on the station's operation times, the cashier can switch the station to any mode of his choice.

Emergency Stop

Emergency stop/ Stop all pumps function is available on the POS which allows the station operation to switch off all pumps at once in case of an exception/ security risk scenario he might face during the business operations.

Stop/ Start Pumps

Apart from emergency stop, the cahier can also switch ON/ OFF individual pumps in case of maintenance/ safety issue if a scenario occurs during the business operations.

Tank Management

Within the forecourt management screens on the POS, the tank information is also visible. This shows the volume and statistics from the tanks. POS also allows the station operator to switch ON/ OFF tanks via the POS.